Privacy Notice

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This document describes the privacy policy of the 5th St Ives Scout Group. Please also see the Scout Association’s privacy policy, particularly if you hold a volunteer role with the Scouts.

To support our work, we need to collect and retain certain data about the young people we work with, as well their parents/carers, our adult volunteers and our supporters. The “General Data Protection Regulation" dictates how we must treat this data, and one of the things we have to do is publish a Privacy Notice that describes to you (the “data subject" – the person whose data we hold) what data we hold and what we do with it. This document is that Privacy Notice.

Data Controller

The “Data Controller" is the person or organisation responsible for managing the data. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, the Data Controller is the “5th St Ives Scout Group".

Why do we collect data?

The information we collect is used to ensure that we provide the best service to our members, by ensuring that all our volunteers have all the information they need to deliver it. We collect and use your personal data in our legitimate interests to help us to provide a wide range of Scouting opportunities in a safe, effective and appropriate manner.

What data do we hold?

The data includes some or all of the following: names, date of birth, health (including disabilities) and dietary issues, address, contact details, relationships with other people (including family and health professionals), hobbies / occupations and history within Scouting. On an annual basis we ask parents/carers to complete an online census for members of the Scout Association. This includes data about ethnicity and religion, but the questions all have a “prefer not to say" option. The data is only viewed by us as numbers in age groups, which do not link to individuals. Once everyone in the Group has completed it and the census return is submitted to the Scout Association the data submitted is deleted by the Group. The only financial data we hold is to record payments/refunds, and whether each individual is eligible for Gift Aid.

We take photographs at meetings and events of the young people and keep them as a record of our activities; we also share them in our Facebook groups, so members can see the activities we take part in.  On occasions, photographs, videos and audio recordings of young people taking part in activities may be submitted to the local newspapers, the Group, District or County newsletters, websites, social media or put on display.

Where do we get the data from?

In most cases, the information we hold about a data subject is provided by the parents/carers of a young person when they join the group, either as a new member, or as a transfer from another section or group. This information is collected on a ‘Personal Details and Family Information Form’, given to the parents/carers at their child’s first meeting with us. The information from this form is then entered into a secure online platform called ‘Online Scout Manager’ and the paper form securely destroyed.

Online Scout Manager (OSM) is a web-based platform which not only allows us to hold the personal details for adults and young people, but also allows us to track a young person’s achievements and awards as they progress through the Group. It also has programme and event features allowing parents/carers to see what we are doing and allowing them to sign up for events (such as camps and visits) online. OSM also allows parents/carers to view/update the information that we hold about them/their child at any time from any device through a ‘Parent Portal’.

Who has access to the data?

The data is directly accessible to appointed volunteers of the Scout Group and to no one else. We may occasionally share information that we hold with the wider Scout Association (such as during the annual census) and external bodies for the purpose of delivering activities or events (providing that they have a legitimate interest for obtaining the data). We will not share the data we hold about you or you child with anyone else unless you tell us to, or we are required to by law.

Most of the information is held on a computer system (Online Scout Manager), to ensure that it is readily accessible to everyone that may need it and that it can easily be kept up to date and accurate. The data is protected by a system of permissions and passwords to ensure that the data is not accessible to people who should not have access. The parents/carers of young people in our Scout Group and all adult leaders are all provided with a log in to enable them to keep their own records up to date, and we send termly reminders to check and update details held by us. Where we use third party software (for example SurveyMonkey, Online Scout Manager, Dropbox, Office 365) then we have checked that they are GDPR compliant; you can view their privacy notices on the respective websites.

Sometimes a print out of relevant data is appropriate for some scouting purposes and is disposed of as confidential waste when it has fulfilled its use (such as contact details for an event).

When an adult leaves the Group their access to any online system is removed as soon as possible and they are asked to return/securely dispose of any data held in other forms.

How can a subject know what data is held?

Parents/carers of young people in our Scout Group and all adult leaders are all provided with a log in to enable access to the majority of the data that we hold (through OSM/the Parent Portal), allowing instant access to check and update it. You may see a copy of any other data we hold about you or your child by contacting us via your Section Leader/Group Scout Leader. You may ask us to delete any of the data that we hold about you or your child at any time. We may however deem that some, or all, of the data should be retained (for example financial records) in which case we will discuss this with you before taking any further action.

How long do we keep the data?

Member records stored in OSM or by any other means are removed/destroyed as soon as possible after a young person leaves the Group. Records may also be transferred within the group (such as when a young person moves sections) or externally to other scout groups as appropriate (for example if a young person moves away and continues in Scouting). Permission will be sought before a record is transferred to a group other than 5th St Ives. Data held in the form of photographs, videos or audio recordings, or other material made publicly available (for example photos posted to social media), will be held indefinitely for archiving purposes, unless you request that the group removes this data (and it is practical for us to do so). The Group is not able or required to seek the removal of data from third parties where permission has been previously given for us to submit data (such as during a press release).

Need to know more?

Please feel free to contact your Section Leader or the Group Scout Leader if you require any further information or wish to discuss anything in this Privacy Notice.

Version 1, January 2019